Below are some files of my various writings

Village Villain.odt Village Villain.odt
Size : 31.689 Kb
Type : odt
The Dive.doc The Dive.doc
Size : 26.5 Kb
Type : doc

 This is a nonfiction story about a visit to my sister's place in NYC. An assault on her cleaning lady by a marauding bandit occurred while my wife and I were out going to museums. 2010

 Fiction : A war veteran goes swimming at a quarry with his daughter.      2011

I m your s.rtf I m your s.rtf
Size : 20.375 Kb
Type : rtf

 Nonfiction/Fantasy: An account of me and a pair of sunglasses that I had for a long time, personifying the glasses as a sentient being.      1999

A Trapped Starling.rtf A Trapped Starling.rtf
Size : 19.178 Kb
Type : rtf

 Nonfiction: A bird becomes trapped within my newly bought home.      2001

The Red and the Green.rtf The Red and the Green.rtf
Size : 120.003 Kb
Type : rtf

 This is a science fiction story of an artist who stumbles into another world way in the future by touching a fern at an island in Maine. It turns out that he has been summoned to this era in order to make a painting that will convert a despot, and save the human race from destruction.  

The Last Tear.doc The Last Tear.doc
Size : 236 Kb
Type : doc

 This is another science fiction story about a young woman who. after surviving a deadly car accident, becomes a goddess-like figure, harkening back to the original myth of jesus and sofia, an allegorical story of which today's literalist Christianity evolved from. I use these "gnostic" points and create a modern day female messiah who ushers in the end of the world. 

The Strange Poverty of the Rich.doc The Strange Poverty of the Rich.doc
Size : 455.5 Kb
Type : doc

 This is my memoir.  I wrote it in 1999-2000 while living in Greece for the winter then I published it in 2004. 

    This is my memoir, from age18-37, self-published via iuniverse(2004), and available right here (above) for download, or in ebook, paperback, and hardcover, at all online bookstores.  I have sold about 500 copies of this book and it was optioned for a movie in 2004 by Plan B studios (Brad Pitt's Co.), but then declined...see letter below from actor/producer Jeremy Kleiner.

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