I went and lived amongst the islands of Greece for the winter of '99-'00. When I lived on the go like this, I carried my seabag and an old canvas golfbag that held my canvas, stretchers, and easel. I kept using the same stretchers for once a painting dried, I would role them up and send them back stateside in tubes. I did 30+ paintings and the ones I've posted here are the ones I still had.

 STONE LIGHTHOUSE   Hania, Crete    30"/20    sold 

 Milos (the island where they found the Venus de Milo)  oil on linen 13"/16" Dec99 $700.

 Sifnos (meaning "empty") had upper and lower town. oil on linen 24"/36" 12/99 $2000.

          Old Windmill , Sifnos  (upper town: Apollonia) ;   oil on linen 13"/16"  12/99   $700.

 Gypsies' Laundry (up on an old Minoan mound) Hania ; oil on linen  13"/18"  Dec99 $800.

                    One of my rented rooms, Hania, Crete ;   oil on canvas  13"/18"  Jan'00   $ 700

               The Old Quarter and Harbor , Hania, Crete.   24"/36"     Dec99     $1600.

                                   Fishing Boats at Hania, Crete.   12"/18" Jan '00    sold

 The Venetian Quarter from the Breakwater ; Hania, Crete ;   12"/18"   Jan '00  $800

         Venetian Arsenal (what they called the structures I'm standing on) 24"/36"  $1200.  1/00

                              streets of Hania, Crete   12" / 10"       $700

 < Bedroom Window    (sold)

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