Portland Head Lighthouse       ( sold )


     I am a Maine Coast Artist : a painter, a musician and a writer. Originally from Manchester, Ma., I started painting as a boy and never stopped.                   I spent many years wandering , exploring other places to paint.   ...I wrote a memoir that chronicles part of my travels and my painting events (from age 19-37) : The Strange Poverty of the Rich.          I have a studio/gallery at my home in Bucksport, Maine. If you re interested in buying or commissioning any paintings pls contact me   >    samminot@aol.com.     

 there are 100+ paintings on this site! SEE TOP of PAGE TO VIEW GALLERIES .


 me painting poppies in front of our house; result : free standing screen panel to the left.

   my music that I  play:     piano, guitar, harmonica            videos :   samminotmuscic.blogspot.com            



                                                     MY PAINTING ON BACK COVER OF   ART OF ACADIA    BY DAVID AND CARL LITTLE

                                                       Below  -          SCHOODIC from BLUE HILL        15by 28    $800

                                              The jeep house.  Bear island.     18/26 in.  $  1800    


                      (above)             ACADIA   from Winter Harbor     22/47    $3000         

                            ( below ).  2- sided free standing screen/ paintings    $4500.  

                                VIEW off Mt WALDO         19by27in                  $900. 

  Sandy  Point Beach   Stockton Springs Maine    22by48in $1800 -

   Below :   Northport, Me. Bay side in November     $  2400

    PINE NEEDLE PATH        ORLAND, MAINE               22/30"   oil on canvas                    SOLD

                                                    below -     CURTIS COVE   EAST BLUE HILL       18 / 49      $1800


                                                                        Behind the Ferry        24"36"     SOLD 


                                                             SANDY POINT   STOCKTON SPRINGS   22"/30   $800


                                          PLACID MORN    28/45        SOLD


                        View South Off Bald Mt.  Dedham, Me.   24"/42"    sold 


                                            The White Islands  

                                         Schooner Mary Day       26"/36"       sold 

                                                                                                  more paintings that I have sold. 

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